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Straal is a creative consulting and brand development Studio. Our perspective freely flows through multiple influences to carefully imprint our aesthetic interpretation in each project. Minimalism is the lens through which our art direction conveys sensitivity and lightness. We have evolved from strictly Design to offer our clients a multidisciplinary approach. In 2022, we added Business Solutions – a division whose objective is to jumpstart and strengthen businesses, particularly within the creative economy, adding even more relevance to the brands we build. Our creative solutions are based on a deep understanding of today’s market while foreseeing upcoming trends and desires.



Nina is a São Paulo native with training in Industrial Design at the Universidade de Belas Artes. From Virgil Abloh to Es Devlin, fashion, art, and architecture are major sources of inspiration in her work.


Vision has always been her keenest sense, but her perspective has been carefully shaped for over two decades in the fashion, retail, graphic design, and photography markets. Nina’s experience and know-how go beyond aesthetics, combining knowledge of the inner workings of creative businesses and excellence in execution - which have become a trademark in her projects.


She is capable of easily adapting to new categories and transitioning between different markets, as her premise is fusion of creative disciplines to bring original and unique solutions to her clients.

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